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Weinberger Fine Art, The Life You’ve SeenMar 18—Apr 30, 2022

Weinberger Fine Art
114 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Weinberger Fine Art is pleased to present The Life You’ve Seen, a selection of works by over 30 women artists living and working in the greater Kansas City metro area for an exhibition on feminine identity and the varying ways in which it can be defined.  Identity is boundless and constantly in flux, ebbing and flowing as we age and transform. What does it mean to be you in your body? What does it mean to be you in your body making art?
The Life You’ve Seen will be on view March 18th through April 30th. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, April 1st from 5 - 8 pm.

Ada Koch, Alicia Kelly, Amanda Long, Beth Grillo, Brooke Spalding Ford, Chari Peak, Clare Doveton, Cynthia Bjorn, Elise Gagliardi, Ellen Weitkamp, Emily Quinn, Jacquette Caskey, Jenn Hudson, Jessalyn Mailoa, Jillian Youngbird, Katrina Revenaugh, Kim Eichler Messmer, Kristin Goering, Lacey Lewis, Lauren Phillips, Laura Nugent, Linda Lighton, Lindsey Dunnagan, Madison Tubbs, Morgan Ford Willingham, Rachel Ferber, Rachelle Gardner Roe, Rashelle Weissenbach, Robin VanHoozer, Sam Haan, Scout Marshall, Susan Grace, Tessa Harrison, and Teresa Johnson.